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Nine, Dine and Wine at Viera East Golf Course

This month's Sassy Saturday event took a new turn for inviting more women to embark on the golf scene! Nine, Dine, and Wine, or was is whine?

Are you a woman looking to have some fun, make new friends and improve your golf game? Look no further than Viera East Golf Club! Our public golf course offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for women of all skill levels to come together and enjoy the game of golf. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer our course provides the perfect opportunity to build connections, have a great time and enjoy delicious dinner after golf. My hope for anyone reading this blog is to explore the benefits of golf, the camaraderie that comes with it, and how you can get involved in the fun at Viera East Golf Club. Ladies grab your clubs, put on your golf shoes and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of women’s golf.

This Months theme of Nine Dine and Wine was a success!

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Golf so much fun, I’d have to share the secret has a lot to do with those who show up to play the game!

Brevard County residents love access to many activities, including this local public golf course. Creating events that invite new participants help make golf more affordable and family friendly, more of the locals and surrounding community are discovering how much fun it is to be a part of the golfing community.

Golfing shoes, ball and sticks.
Ready for some putting fun!

There are numerous benefits to women’s golf. Here are a few:

1. Physical fitness: Golf is a great way to stay active in any stage of life.
2. Stress relief: Golf provides an opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some time outdoors. The serene environment of a golf course can be calming and therapeutic.
3. Social connections: Golf offers a chance to meet and connect with other like minded people. It provides a platform for networking, building friendships and creating a sense of community.
4. Personal growth: I’ve found golf to be a sport that challenges us to continuously improve our skills. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced golfer. It teaches patience, perseverance and resilience, which allows personal growth and development.
5. Increased sunlight is great for your serotonin levels, decreasing depression and increasing energy!

Sassy Saturdays at Viera East Golf Course are a perfect example of exactly this! Attracting more women into a sport predominantly recognized as a male dominated activity, these women come to be challenged, to improve their skills, for the social experience, and to really discover this other part of themselves they enjoy knowing. Most of all, they discover learning the game is fun, practicing the skills required are fun, and each tee offers a chance to work on hone in on improved concentration. Golf does after all, foster a healthy sense of competition.
Ladies ready to golf on the greenway
Ladies on the green!

The event at Viera East Golf Club was such a beautiful evening with 16 women that showed up despite skill levels and were ready to have some fun!

When I first started playing golf I had zero idea what I was doing. Absolutely loved the feeling of just simply being outside challenging my mind and body all while having fun with friends. All the women I spoke with were so stoked to be on the course with their girlfriends. Two ladies had on the most adorable matching golf earrings. Part of golf for all women is the preparation of playing. Whatever that looks like to individual women. These ladies had so much fun planning to come to the event and found the perfect earrings!

One thing I absolutely loved was seeing all the women on the driving range. If that’s something holding you back from learning to play golf, just know if you come play in our women’s events there will be plenty of women out there doing the exact same thing. Whether you are just looking to go out and have fun with your friends or challenge yourself, remember there is always power in numbers. Women’s golf outings provide us the environment to come together and enjoy the sport in a relaxed social setting!

Nine holes of golf, at dinner at the hook and Eagle, served with wine or beer, this event ended with lots of laughter and happy faces. Was it really wine or whine? "We definitely weren’t whining about being great at golf, the sport itself is fun to play and participate but maybe just maybe there was some whining about the rest of the world that was with out us for a few hours"!

Enjoying their food after golfing
Ladies at the Hook & Eagle dining

Being part of these last 2 ladies events at Viera East has been a learning experience for me. Having played in the event both times with my specific group, I’ve learned through their feedback that they appreciate playing with an experienced golfer. I was told, “I really enjoyed playing with friends and learning from the more experienced players. They were so encouraging and helped my confidence.” I will be out mingling with the women on the course to provide encouragement and experience. Whether you’re on the course strictly for fun or want feedback trust that I’m there. We can talk fashion or fairways! Hope to see many new faces!

Ladies driving the golf cart
Off to the first hole!

October’s Sassy Saturday will support Breast Cancer awareness and saving the tatas!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support Breast Cancer Awareness !

September's Sassy Saturday is Margaritas and Mulligans. This will feature a 30 minute clinic at the driving range, and a 30 minute clinic at the putting course, and followed up with hitting the golf course!

Did you know Viera East Golf Club offers women’s golf leagues on Wednesday’s?

I spoke to two women at dinner that play every Tuesday at Viera East and were excited to hear about the leagues. We have an 18 and 9 hole league that plays on Wednesdays. If interested contact the Pro Shop at 321-639-6500. Our next Sassy Saturday will be held on September 16th. Margaritas and Mulligans will start off with an hour clinic on the driving range and putting green. Grab some ladies or come meet new ones and let’s have some fun with a bit of learning. Visit to sign up or call 321-639-6500.

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