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Mike, Can I Have Another Tee? Junior Golf Camp

Viera East Golf Club offers junior clinics every Summer, led by our very own PGA Professional Mike Hogan. Mike has been teaching golf for 43 years. He’s continued to grow the game of golf through promoting juniors for the last 28 years.

Kids practicing their golf swing
Junior Golf Camp

According to Mike, “As a PGA member our goal is to make golf fun.” You’ll find his clinics filled with fundamental drills as well as range games. From skipping balls across the pond with said 5 iron or closest to the pin, Viera East makes the fundamentals “fun”! A personal favorite of my children is always the water balloon battles to escape the Florida heat.

Right behind fun is food. As all parents know kids are always hungry. At Viera East junior clinics you’ll find the kids taking small breaks staying hydrated in the Florida heat. Mike said, “we have snacks and Gatorade every day and on Friday we have a pizza party for graduation.

With a sport like Golf safety is paramount especially with juniors. Learning when and where you can swing a club is necessity. From personal experience of my children attending Mike’s clinics, they gained so much knowledge on safety! Golf etiquette and safety are the utmost priority for beginner golfers. Safety is as simple as ABC…. Always Be Careful!

All of the golf bags ready to go
Ready to golf!

According to Mike, “the great thing about teaching kids is watching them turn into golfers. Their golf swing improves almost automatically. You don’t think they’re even listening to what you’re trying to teach but their swing improves fast. They remember everything but don’t always know they remember.” The bottom line, kids are sponges. Get them started early at Viera East on the fundamentals.

Growing the junior golf will create sustainability for the next generation of golfers. Mike believes junior golf is imperative to ensure a thriving future. His goal is for the kids to cultivate friendships with their peers through golf. If your child is starting out fresh with golf there isn’t any need to rush out and buy clubs. Over the years Mike has obtained so many different clubs that there will always be a golf club available for use. I specifically remember one year my son broke his Driver at camp and the next day Mike had made him a new Driver to use. Something my family still talks about. He does an amazing job with making every kid feel invited and comfortable. As I was observing, one morning there was a little girl going to camp with her older brother. She was very shy and didn’t want to stay. Fast forward 30 minutes later and her grandmother was trying again. She ultimately stayed and I even watched her win a closest to the basket game with the biggest smile on her face!

Mike teaching golf to a young girl
A little lesson goes a long way

Be sure to check back around the first week of April for Summer clinic dates. You’ll be able to visit Mike around that time at The Kids Summer Camp Showcase at the Viera Recreation Center. Parents are also able to sign up for clinics in the Viera East Golf Club Pro Shop. Camp runs $175.00 for Monday through Friday from 8-12 with typically holding 4-5 a Summer. Be sure to check for more information on our Kids Club. Who doesn’t want a free large bucket of range balls every month?! Every Kid Club member 16 and under has some amazing perks at Viera East.

As the ping of club to ball permeates throughout the range, chatter intensifies amongst the young golfers with one common question, “Mike, can I have another tee?”

Kids practicing at the driving range
Tee Time fun!

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