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Viera East Launches International Women’s Golf Day

On June 4, 2021 Viera East Golf Course hosted an event which grabbed the attention of the local community: International Women's Golf Day!

Annual Women's Golf Day in June 2021
Community Event! You're invited

As this was a first for Viera East, the decision to make this an annual event was dependent on how the feedback from the community would reflect, and I’m sure you can imagine: It was an ace!

Golf carts pulling up to Viera East Golf Course
Women ready for golf!

Gone are the days that picturing the game of Golf flashes to a group of men huddled around the tee with their plaid shorts. The new vision of golf paints a much more diverse crowd, including faces of all ages and many of them are women! Viera East hosted its first International Women’s Day event on June 1, 2021, and the women came out in fashion!

We all know that golf is nothing if not a social sport, and this event brought together women from many walks of life who all happened to be in the same place at the same time to give golf a try.

Ladies practicing golf
Lady Golfers! At the Clinic

In the slew of women golfers who came out to take advantage of the awesome introductory offer of 9 holes which included a 30-minute driving clinic. Some of the women who attended confessed this is what drew them in. They’ve been curious and wanted to try golf, but weren’t sure how they would do out on the greens! Having the lesson included provided some confidence in giving it a try, and removed the stigma that they had to come in a pro. Food and drinks also included in the ticket. Eating at the newly renovated Hook & Eagle restaurant (which is now a local favorite) also made this an attractive deal!

Ladies on the Viera East golf course
Girls know how to have fun! And Golf.

Some of the women in attendance boasted many years of golf experience, and were coming to take part in the fun. Some of the women were newbies to the sport. There was lots of laughter, jokes about how it’s harder than it looks, some dancing, and even excitement about retrieving the roll away balls, the bunkers were busy! More than one ball ended up in a lake. The greatest part was the networking and camaraderie among the participants who all came smiling and left feeling good about their experience. While some of the conversation was about the task at hand, much of it was about life and appreciating the opportunity to be outside on a beautiful day meeting new people.

Some of our players ended up with their first ever Birdie or Bogey as well! These women were not all beginners, but some came ready for some competition! (There were prizes after all)

The Viera Golf course was elegantly designed by Joe Lee who saw the uniqueness of the Viera topography and built a course that winds through what was once wetlands, now a beautiful residential area. The beauty of this course is part of what makes it so inviting. Visitors of any age or gender find that the course keeps them coming back for more as they strive to putt through the holes and enjoy the moment. More than anything, golf requires presence in the moment, and perspective. Working on that hand eye coordination which seems so well developed until you realize some balls are afraid of the dark! (This is a term used for a ball that should go in the hole but continues to skirt around it).

Woman taking a golf lesson at Viera East
Golf Lessons help build skills and refine your swing!

Course regulars who live locally drive their own golf carts in and love the dynamics of this greenway. Viera East is known for well-kept rolling fairways, crystal-clear lakes, remarkable white sand bunkers, and feathery palm trees. The community and local wildlife enjoy calling this home, and some of the women pros even boasted this is their favorite of the courses in Brevard.

International Women’s Day 2021 was a success!

Check back for more events, such as Sassy Saturdays, where we continue to make Golf more accessible to women. 💓

Thank you to the Sponsors of this event!

We advertised our sponsors at each hole to increase awareness in the community!

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