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Viera East Gets Sassy!

Sassy Saturday, a golf event to attract new and seasoned ladies to play golf, is held monthly at Viera East Golf Club. On the third Saturday of the month, it is always a great time. Read on for a peek into the most recent event, “Nine, Dine and Wine”, on April 20th. On a perfect weather kind of Saturday, the golf course was filled with a variety of lady golfers who came to take advantage of this well priced golfing opportunity! Having a fun theme and great atmosphere definitely make this a success, and keep those invited coming back.

A graphic invitation for Nine Dine and Wine Golf for women
Viera East invites you to Sassy Saturday

While much has changed from the last time I visited, the most important things stayed the same. This event still draws in women golfers and keeps the vibe high, setting the tone for a great afternoon. They came in at different levels of comfort ready for a great time. I will say of all the most obvious things: The attitude here is so good. A welcoming golf course with very positivity everywhere.

The other most obvious thing I couldn't help but notice was their new fleet of golf carts ready to go. Recently a shipment of over 70 new vehicles arrived, and these light blue golf carts compliment the natural beauty of the course while offering reliable transportation around the green. They are fun to drive too I might add. Viera East stays innovative and focused on creating the whole experience of coming to enjoy a round (or half round) of golf!

New blue golf carts at Viera East Golf Club
New Golf Carts ready to go!

While all of the participants get their 30-minute lesson on the range, Dave Owen, their local golf pro, and Phil, golfing assistant, offer tips on how to sink the perfect putt! Ladies line up to practice both the upswing and down swing refining their focus. Behind-the-scenes, Mike is ensuring the details are ready. This includes everything from having a selection of clubs available to filling the coolers with ice and preparing drinks to be delivered. Once the lessons wrap up, each group is assigned a different hole to begin their round of 9-hole golf. This is recommended as a scramble, where all the ladies tee off, and then play from the closest ball they all agree on. They each play their own ball but can move them to the nearest shot on the fairway. They play. And this is where you see the intensity, hear the laughter and listen to the girls cheering each other on.

Playing a scramble as a team keeps the rules less formal and mood more light. This group of women came with a variety of skill levels, different ages, and participated for different reasons. The one thing they all seem to have in common was they celebrated each other. One mother daughter pair came out for some quality time with each other. Another group joked about being there for the drinks. One very competitive group, said they are members of another course but love this event. Other groups of friends who had any range of athletic ability from none to years worth greatly enjoyed the day.


As I accompanied Mike Gelardo, "Operations", around in the golf cart it was easy to appreciate how well kept the course has been, We offered water, wine, or beer, of choice, and it was clear that there is a strong emphasis on making this as easy and fun as possible. Not to mention economical! At a great cost for a two-hour event, with food and drinks included, this is a hard event to beat the value of.  This makes it welcoming for those who want to give a new sport a try, and don’t have to break the bank in the process.

Women golfing on a scramble
Viera East Sassy Saturday women golfing

What a beautiful course! Of course the Viera East backdrop makes a scenic ride in between golf holes. While checking on golfers, we saw a family of sandhill cranes, out with their fuzzy baby. We saw some white ibises and even anhinga. We also saw a bald eagle flying overhead, and Mike spoke about how he nests not far from where we spotted the majestic bird in flight. Many of those we spoke to said their favorite things about this course is how scenic and well designed it is.

Mike, who has been in this role since November of 2022, makes it his personal mission to greet each golfer and ask them how their experience is. He genuinely wants to ensure that all are welcomed and have a positive experience. He is invested in the club’s success as a local who lives along the Viera East Golf course. When visiting courses, some golf establishments feel a little stuffy. It is the goal here to remove any stigma or bias associated with the sport, inviting more of the community, including widening public access to golf.


Most of the women completed the nine holes in just about two hours. The Hook and Eagle Tavern was quickly filled afterwards with the fun groups who had worked up an appetite. Some boasted of their scores and others admitted they did not keep track and we're just there to have a good time. Stories of bogeys and great tee shots were heard with emphasis on the wins! A little healthy competition was evident, and surely a lot of love and respect of the effort made.


There was no strain by the course placed on how long or how successful playing golf went out on the field. All were free to take as long as needed, or wrap it up as quickly as preferred. I was impressed with the ability to meet the needs of golfers both new and seasoned alike.

Ladies wrapping up their game of golf
Great time golfing today!

Some of the ladies sat inside of the Hook and Eagle and enjoyed their food while others gathered outside, savoring the live music and breeze on the patio. I couldn’t help but notice a lot of new friendly faces in this local hotspot, and appreciated great attitudes all around. Can’t wait for next month’s Sassy Saturday event which is always held on the third Saturday of the month.


International Women’s Day will soon be upon us as well! While Viera East was the first to host this now favorite event, we know this year’s Women’s Day will be a hit!


You can learn about Sassy Saturday, International Women’s Day, and other events through Email, if you are subscribed to the Viera East Golf Club, or through the Facebook page.

Viera East Golf Club:

2300 Clubhouse Dr, Rockledge, FL 32955

 Thank you for reading!

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~Written by Melissa Hardy of Savvysinglemamatravels.


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